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Tired of all the paperwork? Worried about your child’s reports? Need to organise your work? Forgot to do the homework? Say good-bye to all your problems. Queno brings you a solution secure hack free solution which will do all the work for you


Queno provides a platform for parents to track the progress of their children at school, monitor daily task updates, receive teacher notes to parents and much more with a single touch of a finger.

Most importantly Queno helps ensure safety by allowing parents to follow their children with every footstep out of home up to school and back. Likewise, Queno works to save time and reduce workload on teachers by organizing timetables, attendance records of students and staff, carrying out child performance evaluation together with maintaining true confidentiality of individual students among parents.

We are trying to bridge the gap between parents and teachers using technology. Our app will impact daily tasks performed by teachers in making them more efficient, reduce paperwork and automate data storage.

Save Time

Reduce Workload

Old way of taking attendance and writing homework in diaries consume a lot of time. Queno offers a simple solution by maintaining records on the mobile app.

Secure your child

Monitor Daily Progress

Parents can track their child’s daily activities at school and will be informed about their presence in class.

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Create your community

Queno helps you in creating a community within your school so that you discuss students learnings, daily activities and share informative materials with each other.

Web Features

This app has a web panel which completes Queno as a whole product.

Staff management
We believe that corrections and improvements in the app can never be exhaustive which calls out for theneed to consistently improve new and existing Queno features improving quality of education.
Automate classrooms
Queno acts as a gate way for technology to enter into classrooms mechanizing the lives of teachers andparents allowing better coordination, reducing work load and paper load.
AutomateAccount management
Queno connects homes to schools transforming them into single units associating children education so that they learn better in continuation every second of everyday.
Fee management
Parents and teachers in direct contact can send and receive valuable information in time saving more for actions or corrections in response which in turn helps to further smooth out the education system.



A boon for teachers who get to write homework diary only once on Queno for parents to access anytime anywhere.


Relax your memory and allow Queno to do the job! Informing you of any upcoming events.


Its time you call out your attendance to Queno! Staff and student attendance can now be recorded andretrieved more conveniently on Queno.


Enabling the user to follow class sequence. Timetables fed into Queno can be referred repeatedly with convenience.


No chance to miss the notice board anymore with all notifications being updated on Queno to pop up on your cell phones.


Share test schedules with parents and get a reminder alert two days before. Attachments of files or pictures are also available.

Amazing Compatibility

iOS and Android are one of the biggest determining factors when it comes to selecting a mobile platform to attract audience. If we target a single group of user so it would restrict our app facility to other platform users. To overcome this situation, we are focusing on a cross platform app. Our team is working hard to launch Queno on Windows Store in order for it to be accessible for all.



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Muhammad Zubair
Co-Founder & CEO
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Farida Kanwal
Co-Founder & COO
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Maaz Haider
Sales Executive- Pakistan
Maaz Haider
Asif Kiani
Islamabad/ Lahore - Channel partner